The Wind Stick

Welcome to the Solar Innovation Exchange, home of the Wind Stick.

The Wind Stick is a basic self furling wind turbine frame to which you mount commercially available alternators and rotors.

The CAD image above illustrates an assembled Wind Stick with a Freedom II PMG and 7, Gen 4 Raptor blades that would make a great supplement to any PV system that utilizes storage batteries. Click the image below for a better look without the add-on parts.


Why a furling feature? Over speeding an alternator can cause damage in system components, the Wind Stick has a self furling feature that will turn the rotors out of the wind, effectively eliminating over speed damage and the need for a brake system

Two prototypes have been built using these generators and rotors available from Missouri Wind and Solar:

Looking at the graph below, both the PMA and the PMG start making voltage with a wind speed at around 5 MPH where it increases in a linear motion un till furling starts and the voltage starts to drop at around 30-35 MPH. This exactly what we expect and want in a small turbine. Check out the test rig here.

To get the most out of any wind turbine you need to be clear of obsticles and get it in the air, plans will be availabe for the tower we used soon.

Check NOAA for the average wind speeds in your area.

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