Turbine Tail

Welcome to the Solar Innovation Exchange, home of the Turbine Tail™!

The Turbine Tail™ is in a class of its own when it comes to converting the wind into a source of energy

  • Its unique design keeps the rotor facing the wind until its self-furling action starts to kick in at 30-35 MPH effectively eliminating over-speed damage and the need for a brake system.
  • The wind speed at which the furling action starts can be tuned to suit the alternator/rotor combination.
  • It is the structure to which you mount commercially available alternators and rotors, including GM style Delco alternators from V8 air conditioned vehicles with frames 10SI and 12Sl converted for turbine use.
  • Easily adapt other types of alternators such as an Axial Flux project with brackets made to fit the Turbine Tail™.
  • Simple pipe thread pole mounting.
  • Approximately 33 lbs. with alternator and rotor.
  • Maintenance free POM bearings/bushings.
  • Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Heavy Duty powder coated steel construction.

A complete system will include the Turbine Tail™ and these components:

  • Solar panels to suit Kw requirements.
  • Generator & rotor.
  • Charge controller.
  • Dump load.
  • 6V deep cycle batteries wired in series.
  • 12V to 120V inverter.
  • 3 Phase rectifier.
  • Tower.
We can design and install your solar power system to make the best use of available components.

There are three options to purchase the Turbine Tail™:

* We don't have an online store yet so if you're interested in learning how to purchase a Turbine Tail™ send us an email or comment with contact info.

The graph below shows the results of testing the Turbine Tail™ with the the alternators listed above. As can be seen, they both start making voltage with a wind speed of around 5 MPH where it increases in a linear motion until the furling action starts and the voltage starts to drop. This exactly what we expect and want in a small turbine. Check out the test rig here.

These videos of the Turbine Tail™ show the furling action in testing and in high winds:

Check NOAA for the average wind speeds in your area.

To get the most out of any wind turbine you need to be clear of obstacles and get it at least 25' above ground level.

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