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ATurbine Tail 2.0 Wind Turbine
Introducing the Turbine Tail 2.0 - The Off Grid Power Supply - with Auto-Furling capability and (up to) 48v output. Combine it with a charge controller, a dump load and a Power Inverter to use as a stand-alone unit or combined with solar panels in a hybrid system where it's main function is to charge batteries.

I manufacture the components from corrosion resistant materials that when assembled together form a simple, maintenance free, off grid wind turbine.

Here's the feature that sets our solar generator apart from others:

  • The long, hinged tail keeps the rotor disk perpendicular to the wind flow until stronger winds force the rotor disc to rotate about the mast centerline. If the winds are great enough it will continue to rotate away from perpendicular, thus slowing the rotor.
  • This feature effectively eliminates the need to monitor wind speeds in order to prevent over-speed damage!

Here's how it works:

Looking from the top, the images below depict A Turbine Tail 2.0 rotor positions at different wind speeds. The left image would indicate no wind or low wind conditions, the center at higher speeds and the right image in a fully furled condition.

Here's what/how we tested:

  • 1.6Kw permanent magnet generator with a 7 blade rotor of 60.5" (1.54m).
  • .5Kw permanent magnet alternator with a 5 blade rotor of 59" (1.5m).


Check out the test rig here.


The graph below shows the results of testing Turbine Tail 1.0 with the the rotor/gen combinations listed above. As can be seen they both start making voltage with a wind speed of around 5 MPH and increases in a linear motion until the furling action results in an RPM drop and lower voltage. This exactly what we expect and want in a small turbine at damaging wind speeds.
In these videos of Turbine Tail 1.0 you can see how the rotor rotates about the center line as it starts to furl in high winds:

Here's a little information about its construction:

  • Corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Corrosion resistant SS hardware.
  • Maintenance free POM bearings/bushings.
  • Simple pipe thread pole mounting.
  • Approximately 29 lbs. fully assembled with alternator and rotor.

Here's the good part:

  • Cost of the Turbine Tail 2.0. generator kit is only $650.00!
  • *Includes an outside source **PMG (permanent magnet generator).
  • *Includes an outside source **7 Blade rotor and hub for the PMG.
  • *Includes an outside source **slip ring.
* Drop shipped from the supplier. **Source available on request.
A Turbine Tail 2.0 frame kit purchased separately is only $295.00.

Check NOAA for the average wind speeds in your area.
To get the most out of any wind turbine you need to be clear of obstacles and get it at least 25' above ground level.
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